"Design without narrative is like Nick without coffee. Dysfunctional."

- Nick Hammond [Concept Developer and Visual Narration Designer]

Concept developer and narrative visualizer.
Nick’s passion for making the impossible possible through storytelling and innovation provides a new perspective to any project team. This imaginative approach that is still grounded in his architectural background, allows for a focus on being able to take high-level blue sky concepts through to reality. 
This approach to design has been cultivated through Nick’s past experience that has led him to AOA  working to produce creative visualization for a wide-range of high-stake international clients; Walt Disney Imagineering, designing and coordinating elements within the Star Wars: Intergalactic Star Cruiser from concept to installation; Universal Creative, where he assisted with 3-D and 2-D components for the Jurassic World VelociCoaster; and PGAV Destination, assisting on overall land development for Sea World Abhu Dhabi. 
With this unique background focused on story-driven design, Nick hopes to bring a  fresh mindset to help guide teams towards innovative creative solutions.
Experience with the Following Brands & Companies.
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