Looking at the core elements of architectural design, I investigated the interaction between spaces and how they can come together to create dynamic and cohesive form. 
Kit of Parts_
elevation view of bass wood cube.
elevation view of bass wood cube.
Dynamic view of bass wood cube
Dynamic view of bass wood cube
elevation view of bass wood cube
elevation view of bass wood cube
Starting with a cube of bass wood, we began to learn the elements of design through adding complexity through chipboard planes and wooden linear form
Connected Sections of Cubes_
Hand-drawn sections of cubes displaying the connectivity of the forms through the three drawings. This connection is shown through trace paper.
Physical Model Interpretation of Sections_
Taking the initial drawing of the connected sections we created a full-scale mock up using pink foam, foam core, bass wood, and chipboard.
Final Model Interpretation_

In the conception of the final model, large focus was brought onto the connections between materials and abstract notion of creating spaces within our designs. The model was crafted of plywood, Plexiglas, bass wood. 
Spacial Model Renderings_
Photoshop renderings of physical model were created to show the spaces within the final design.   
Connectivity through Sections of Final Physical Model_
Hand-drawn section of final physical model with a large emphasis on the play of light and shadow within the spaces created.
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